1. Somebody Tell Memphis
    Andy Joe Stewart

  2. 100 Miles
    Jerry Schmitt

  3. Celebrate Our Veterans

  4. I Like It Here
    Don Vigo

  5. Gold
    Kerry Wallace

  6. Where The Lonely Reside
    Red Idle Rejects

  7. Broken
    J.K. Coltrain

  8. High On Livin'
    TJ Leonard

  9. Josh Bruffee
    Josh Bruffee

  10. Washed In The Blood of The Lamb
    James Marvell

  11. Kristi Stafford - Trophy Wife

  12. Outlaws, Heroes & Friends
    J. K. Coltrain

  13. Maxine Vader

  14. The Country Cavaleers

  15. Songs to Sing and Tales to Tell
    Kerry Wallace

  16. A Little Love
    Andy Joe Stewart

  17. Rise & Fall of A Honky Tonk Hero
    J. K. Coltrain

  18. Kriz Rogers - Memoryville

  19. Nashville Radio Promotions
    Various Artists

  20. Keith Pearson - The Bluegrass Collection
    Keith Pearson

  21. Childhood Sweethearts
    Bonnie Paul

  22. Tradin' Big Wheels For Guitar Strings
    Jeff Olson

  23. Weekend Willie Nelson
    J. K. Coltrain

  24. I'm Not So Little Anymore
    Jason Scott Hook

  25. The Traditional Country Opry
    Various Artists

  26. Indie Country Gold 2012
    Various Artists

  27. What's Left of My Heart
    Rich Owen

  28. The End Is Not In Sight
    Jeff Olson

  29. A Broken Heart
    J. K. Coltrain

  30. Abby
    Various Artists

  31. Tumbleweed In Times Square
    J. K. Coltrain

  32. Indie Country Gold 2008
    Various Artists

  33. All That I Am
    J. K. Coltrain

  34. Unfinished Business

  35. I Don't Want To Need You
    Andy Joe Stewart

  36. The Truck Stops Here
    J. K. Coltrain

  37. Nashville for Christmas
    Mountain Rio

  38. Full Speed Ahead
    Larry Mercey

  39. The Very Best of The Country Caravan
    Various Artists

  40. True Harmony
    J. K. Coltrain, Bonnie Paul, Aled Cousins & Dana Jordan

  41. It's Not Over Yet
    The Larry Mercey Trio

  42. This Is J. K. Coltrain
    J. K. Coltrain

  43. God Ain't Finished With Me Yet
    The Bellamy Brothers

  44. A Broken Heart
    J. K. Coltrain


Colt Records Nashville, Tennessee

We are a rather small but growing indie label started back in October of 1998 by country singer & songwriter J. K. Coltrain and a group of trusted friends with offices located in Nashville, Tennessee. It has quickly expanded into one of the top Indie country music labels having won British CMA's Country Album of The Year in 2010 as well as Texas CMA's Country Album of The Year in 2009.. ... more

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